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"We Do Ginseng Right!"

Victory Ginseng Ontario has been growing Canadian ginseng root in Vanessa Ontario for over 20 years. By using advanced growing techniques and innovative machineries which makes Victory Ginseng to be one of the best ginseng growers in Ontario.



Quality Ginseng Guarantied!

Our company is a member of The Ontario Ginseng Growers Association for both growers and buyers sections. In every year, due to the large demand of Asia and local market, we'd also procure ginseng from other reliable experienced growers.


Quality Control:


Grower & farmland site visiting.


  • To maintain the quality of our products, all the crops that we choose from are under The Ontario Ginseng Growers Association growing standard and requirement, such as the uses of pesticide, crops washing and boxing.

  • Our staff keeps travelling to meet and visit Ontario Ginseng Growers in all over the years to enhance the best quality of each year’s crops. They will also share the technique and experience of crops growing, such as seeding, crops protections, landing and soil selections.

  • Our staff will make the site visit for at least 3 times a year, to check if the crops are properly grown, washed, dried and packed on certain period of time.

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